We want to make sure you feeWelcome to our Security Tips section. This area focuses on keeping your home or business safe and secure. Typically a burglar will only spend about 60 seconds attempting to break in to a building. Anything you do to increase the time spent to gain entry will decrease the likelihood of a theft occurring.


  • first thing to remember about locks and keys is to keep keys out of circulation.
  • all locks when moving into a new house or apartment.
  • Be wary of giving out keys to your home. Only give keys to a few trusted people.
  • Do not leave spare keys in obvious places like under flowers pots or welcome mats.
  • Do not have identifying tags on your key ring that provide thieves with personal information such as your name and address.
  • Buy locks with keys that cannot be easily duplicated.

  • When protecting your home from break-ins, check the easiest points of entry: doors and windows.
  • Choose solid wood or steel doors as hollow wood doors can be easily kicked in.
  • Install doors with the hinges on the inside of the door so hinges cannot be easily removed.
  • Do not leave gaps around doors and frames that would make doors vulnerable to prying.
  • Reinforce security on sliding glass doors by placing a metal or solid wood rod on the inside track.
  • Watch the electric garage door close completely when you come and go so that someone cannot sneak under as it closes.
  • Make sure back doors and the door that connects your garage to you home are solid and secured with high security deadbolt locks.


  • trees or branches of trees close to your home that give burglars access to upper levels.
    Make it difficult for potential burglars to navigate through your yard and approach entry points. Plant low thorny bushes below your windows.
  • Trim your trees and shrubbery; don't give burglars somewhere to hide.
  • Keep your lawn well maintained so that they know that the house is attended to and constantly inhabited.
  • Install motion sensitive lights: they will not only make you feel safer when approaching your home after dark, but they will also deter criminals who don't want to be seen.




  • Your locks are your first line of defense. Be sure they offer patented key control to guard against unauthorized key duplication and are resistant to picking and drilling.
  • Install High Security Locks or Electronic Access Control Units on all doors. Remember, standard access systems do not offer high security.
  • Select door frames and hinges that cannot be pried open.
  • Secure all windows.


  • Position your safe in clear view and secure it to the floor.
  • Give the combination or key only to specially authorized personnel and change the combination often.
  • Turn the dial several times after closing the safe to be sure it is locked.
  • Make frequent deposits so a minimal amount of cash is stored at your business.
  • Protect your business with proper lighting.
  • Install motion sensitive as well as constant outside lighting.
  • Keep some interior lights on even when the business is closed.